Bob and Grace Series

In this series Grace and Bob find each other and Bob finds out that he has more to offer his world than he thought. His ancestors have a lot of work for him that’s told at a campfire the appears out of nowhere along with an iron skillet, a two foot long stir stick, and fry bread that an Old Indian finds irresistible.

Day of the Dogs

Day-of-the-Dogs-Front-Cover-Series-013116-420x630 Bob and Grace  Series

The meeting of soul mates have feral dogs and humans to overcome.

A pack of wild dogs have killed several of the rancher’s animals, but when a child is murdered, Dr. Bob’s world changes. The father calls Dr. Bob, who is known for his tracking skills. When he looks at the mangled body of the young boy he understands he must reevaluate his beliefs in order to confront the threat. Alpha dog and friends are more than your average pet and proves it. Only because of a Presence that helps Dr. Bob does the playing field level out. Alpha dog still turns the hunter into the hunted but Dr. Bob’s problems don’t end there. There’s a human element that’s hidden.


Day of the Dogs 2

DOTD2-Front-cover-the-one-to-use-2000X3000-420x630 Bob and Grace  Series

Damion isn’t dead. The FBI need a tracker and guess who they ask.

The threats aren’t over. Damion got away and the FBI needs Dr. Bob to track him down. It takes offering a million for him to reluctantly take the job at the disapproval of Mike especially because he’s taking Grace instead of him and for good reasons.

The Old Indian appears again and again with his cryptic tidbits which infuriate Grace. “Just come out and say what the hell you mean” then again she’d just drop an atomic bomb over the area and kill the SOB and have it done and over with instead of getting all shot up.

No matter how hard he tries Dr. Bob can’t get rid of the damn dogs only this time he wishes he had Three Toes on his side. It might even the odds.

Day of the Dogs 3

DOTD-3-Front-Cover-020416-420x630 Bob and Grace  Series

Now it doesn’t matter whether the FBI is involved or not. They’ve killed his family. It’s time for revenge.

They’ve killed his loved ones trying to kill him. Dr. Bob is broken and torn all to hell but inside a sweat lodge there’s magic. His mind is set on revenge and turns his heart and soul black. He knows what it will take to turn things around but Grace isn’t with him. She’s in Washington DC trying to find the head of the snake.

The separation isn’t good for him. The nightmares return and the faces of the ones he’s killed come to him to take him to the abyss. His struggles mount, not only in his heart but with the amount of killings.

Only his ancestors can help to make him remember what it takes to have that purity of soul that keeps the Old Indian around.


Day of the Dogs 4 

DOTD-4-Front-Cover-020416-420x630 Bob and Grace  Series

Bob needs the magic of the Sweat Lodge and the Medicine Man.

There’s no escaping the wrath of drug lords. They’re still out to kill Bob and Grace. The only thing they can do is go into their own witness protection program. There are too many leaks in the FBI.

Grace gets gold fever that leads them into more trouble but not with drug lords this time. That’s not what makes her mad though. If she finds gold she has to give it to someone besides herself or there will be consequences. At least that’s what one of Bob’s spooks say. Not for all the gold in them thar hills is she willing to keep it. She loves Bob way too much to see anything happen to him. “Damnit anyway.”



Day of the Dogs 5

DOTD-5-Front-Cover-420x630 Bob and Grace  Series

The Old Indian is as cryptic as ever. Human traffickers have a problem.

When you’re searching for gold you don’t always find what you want. Sometimes you find trouble and of course Bob and Grace find themselves right in the middle of it again.

This time it’s not drug lords it’s human traffickers and cattle rustlers and gold thieves. Grace is still mad at the spooks that make her give away her gold and she does it reluctantly and only because she knows those damn spooks of Bob’s can see everything she does. One of these days she’s going to sneak up on one and scare the pants off him.

Day of the Dogs 6

DOTD-6-front-cover-420x630 Bob and Grace  Series

There’s more magic in the sweat lodge in this 6th book of the Bob & Grace Series,

As hard as they try to keep a low profile things happen. Like Judges driving into a snowy ditch, a boy that is kidnapped and still the stupid drug lords are after them. It may never end for the two of them but they have decided to quit running.

They have found a home in one of the furthest northern territories north of Duluth Minnesota. But even in Minnesota things happen and word gets around about a man, his wife, his horses and his spooks.

There will be more to come for sure. Robert L. Conley.

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