Day of the Dogs 3 (Book 3 of the Bob & Grace Series)

I really enjoy writing about my alter ego. It makes me think that given the same set of circumstances I would react in the same manner. I’m not sure that’s true but I can hope. I’ve been told that the amount of pain inside me must be overwhelming to write about a man that can kill without remorse. But I feel as though it’s just the opposite.

Evil puts Dr. Bob in a position that gives him no choice. The men that hunt him live by no rules. Their end is to have money and power that they try to achieve at anyone’s expense. Few can fight back; Dr. Bob and Grace are two of the few.

With this responsibility Dr. Bob has two redeeming legacies from beyond. The Old Indian and Dr. Bob’s ancestors that help when they can; and the gift. The taking of another human life no matter if they are the scum of the earth will turn a man’s insides sideways unless he uses the gift. The gift of the song that turns things right side up.

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