Last Ones Out (Book 3 of the Ross & Jena Series)


Conley doesn’t stop with “Still Standing”. There’s something in his soul that wants to say more. I think he’s hoping the pen is mightier than the sword. It’s obvious he wants us to pay attention to the scourge on every inhabitable place on earth. Human trafficking is a soulless, unconscionable threat to society as a whole by inhumane cowards.

You might even ask yourself if Conley had a chance would he pull the trigger like Ross and Jena. I don’t think I need to ask him. It’s pretty obvious I think.

I hope you read this and get as mad as I have. You might ask yourself what you could do to help. Simply care, is the best answer. Keep your eyes and ears open and make a phone call.

This is another one of his page turning, thrilling adventures that he takes Ross and Jena through. It gets pretty rough this time but his point is made.

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