Stricland and Scanlon Series:

In this series the KCPD (Kansas City Police Department) homicide division is blessed with two great detectives. One that won’t talk and one that is beautiful. Wonder which one wins???

“S&S Gang”(1st in the Stricland/Scanlon Series)

S-and-S-Gang-front-cover-with-Series-on-it-420x630 Stricland and Scanlon Series:

It’s obvious that Conley’s favorite character in this novel is Stricland. I’m sure it’s because he doesn’t talk much but acts, since his mind isn’t full of jibber-jabber from others. That’s the only way a person can write.

Conley understands Stricland enough to know that he needs that one special person that accepts him and loves him in spite of all his flaws. She can travel the same road and is the partner he and Conley have been looking for all their lives.

I think I can safely say that Conley found his. Look at all of his dedications to Grace.

“Changing on a Dime”(2nd in the Stricland/Scanlon Series

COAD-Front-Cover-112915-the-one-to-use-with-Series-420x630 Stricland and Scanlon Series:

Stricland and Scanlon have a protege but he doesn’t have the gut that Stricland has. With everything that goes on in Kansas City that’s a deficit. Luckily Scanlon and Stricland have a big pair of wings.

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